High Tube Men Black Boots Waterproof Thick Rainproof Shoe Cases SP

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Product features

  • The elastic mouth is tight, and it is not easy to fall off the body.

  • The rear reflector increases the safety at night.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry, it does not take up space.

  • The design is generous, the style is novel, the ankle is increased with straps, so that the shoe cover is more close to the foot, and it is not easy to slip off. A waterproof sheet is added to the inside of the zipper for better waterproof effect.

  • The 1.7cm/0.67inch sole is designed with edging, and the sole is wrapped with the upper side pressing method, and the upper is absolutely off the ground.

Product parameters

This product is made of PVC, non-slip, non-stretchable, convenient to carry, easy to clean, just rinse with water, long-term use, non-disposable product, beautiful and generous to wear.

Suitable for situations

It is not only suitable for raining and wearing in dirty places to protect the shoe body; it is also suitable for ancient buildings, scientific research institutions, medical units, anti-pollution and waterproofing, hotels and homes to protect the ground and prevent ground pollution, and the product makes up for the inconsistency of disposable shoe covers. The wear-resistant and non-durable defects are effective shoe protection products when people travel on rainy days or when sudden rains occur in tourist attractions.


S:(sole length:26.5cm/10.43inch,  upper height:42cm/16.54inch)

M:(sole length:28.5cm/11.22inch,  upper height:42cm/16.54inch)

L:(sole length:30cm/11.81inch,  upper height:42cm/16.54inch)

XL:(sole length:32cm/12.6inch,  upper height:42cm/16.54inch)

XXL:(sole length:34cm/13.39inch,  upper height:42cm/16.54inch)



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